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Teether Knot Toy

Teether Knot Toy

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Introducing the Teether Knot Toy, a perfect dental hygiene and entertaining toy designed specifically for dogs.

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  • 3pc Set: The Teether Knot Toy comes in a set of three, featuring a Carrot, Knotted Ball, and a Braided Log. These engaging toys are made of rope and thick braided yarn, providing hours of entertainment for your canine companion.


  • Dental Hygiene: The rope texture of the Teether Knot Toy helps in cleaning your dog's teeth and gums as they chew and play, promoting good oral health.


  • Entertaining: Watch your dog have a delightful time with these interactive toys, keeping them engaged, mentally stimulated, and happy.


  • Ships anywhere in the United Kingdom
  • Delivery Time: 4-9 business days
  • Tracking Information available upon purchase

Order now and treat your furry friend to a bundle of fun with the Teether Knot Toy!

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