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Self-Grooming Arch + Scratcher

Self-Grooming Arch + Scratcher

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Introducing the Self-Grooming Arch + Scratcher, a multi-functional and cat-friendly accessory that your feline companion will love.

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  • Fibre Wool Arched Door: The arched door is made of fibre wool, providing a soft and gentle surface that won't harm your cat while they groom and play. The high-grade MDF materials used in the construction ensure durability and stability.


  • Thickened Bottom and Detachable Design: The bottom of the arch is thickened and paired with a thicker carpet, offering a comfortable and cosy space for your cat. The detachable design allows for easy storage, saving you space when needed.


  • Steel Belt Spiral Strapping: The steel belt spiral strapping ensures the arch is free from hair loss. Made from high-quality PVC material, the arch is free from any unpleasant odours.


  • Brush Off Hair Loss: The Self-Grooming Arch + Scratcher serves multiple purposes, including grooming, scratching, and playing. The unique curved and durable bristles gently comb your cat's hair, helping to prevent hairballs and control hair loss.


  • Carpet Base: The carpet base acts as a perfect scratcher, allowing your cat to indulge their natural scratching instincts while keeping your furniture safe.


  • Ships anywhere in the United Kingdom
  • Delivery Time: 7-12 business days
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Get the versatile Self-Grooming Arch + Scratcher for your beloved cat and provide them with endless grooming and playtime fun!

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