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Hand-woven Boredom Toy

Hand-woven Boredom Toy

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Presenting the Hand-woven Boredom Toy, the ultimate entertainment for your feathered companion that combines play and exercise.

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  • Crinkly Paper: If your bird loves shredding and foraging, this chew toy is destined to become their favourite. Made of natural rattan ball and stuffed with brightly coloured crinkly paper, it's designed to provide excitement and entertainment.


  • Safe and Natural Materials: Crafted from natural wood and rattan, this toy is safe for chewing and non-toxic. It's designed without glue, wire, or plastic, ensuring a sanitary and safe playtime experience for your pet.


  • Beak-friendly and Colourful: The toy is coloured with food dye, making it visually appealing for your bird. With a variety of colours and materials, it encourages your pet's natural instincts and keeps them active and happy.


  • Exercise and Entertainment: Foraging toys are essential for pet birds to exercise their instincts. This lightweight toy is easy for your pet to grab, ensuring pets of all ages can enjoy a playful and engaging experience.


  • Ships anywhere in the United Kingdom
  • Delivery Time: 4-9 business days
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Keep your bird's playtime engaging and active with the Hand-woven Boredom Toy, designed to satisfy their natural instincts and provide endless entertainment!

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