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Food Dispensing Toy

Food Dispensing Toy

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Introducing the Food Dispensing Toy, a creative and engaging way to keep your canine companion entertained while promoting healthy eating habits.

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  • Material: The Food Dispensing Toy is constructed from durable ABS material, ensuring its longevity and suitability for interactive play.


  • Offers Healthy Activity: This toy activates your dog's natural instincts by enticing them with the sight and sound of food on the device. It offers a fun and healthy activity that keeps your dog mentally stimulated.


  • Motivating and Rewarding: The Food Dispensing Toy motivates your dog to engage with it by rewarding them with food for their efforts. This can help calm hyperactive dogs and redirect their energy towards focused play.


  • Prevents Destructive Behaviour: By providing a stimulating activity, this toy helps keep your pet engaged and prevents them from engaging in destructive behaviours that could damage belongings.


  • Promotes Calm Eating: Our pet feeder teaches your furry friend to eat calmly, discouraging fast consumption and helping to prevent obesity. The dispenser delivers kibbles in a controlled manner, allowing your pet to eat only as much as it needs.


  • Encourages Physical Activity: With the 'Feed Me' dispenser, your pet will play and move more while eating less, contributing to their overall fitness and well-being.


  • Ships anywhere in the United Kingdom
  • Delivery Time: 4-9 business days
  • Tracking Information available upon purchase

Enhance your dog's playtime and mealtime with the Food Dispensing Toy!

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