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External Bird Bath

External Bird Bath

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Introducing the External Bird Bath – crafted from thick acrylic, this environmentally-friendly and safe bath provides a warm and comfortable environment, allowing little birds to enjoy a refreshing and delightful splash.

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  • Easy Installation: Our thoughtfully designed bird bath comes with convenient hooks for easy installation. Simply rotate the hook into the acrylic bathtub and hang it securely on your bird's cage. No hassle, just pure enjoyment for your avian companions.


  • Promotes Bird Health: Water baths are essential for maintaining optimal bird health. This bird bath enables birds, like cockatiels, budgerigars, finches, parrots, conures, canaries, lovebirds, and more, to clear feather dust, combat parasites, moisturise their skin, and effectively dissipate heat, ensuring they stay comfortable and happy.


  • Perfect for Various Birds: Ideal for a wide range of small bird species, the External Bird Bath provides the perfect spot for your beloved cockatiel, budgerigar, finch, budgie, parrot, conure, canary, lovebird, and others to bathe and play.


  • Length: 12.8cm
  • Width: 12.5cm
  • Height: 16.4cm


  • Ships anywhere in the United Kingdom
  • Delivery Time: 4-9 business days
  • Tracking Information available upon purchase

Enrich your bird's habitat with our exquisite External Bird Bath, providing them with a healthy and enjoyable bathing experience. Watch as they splash and play, bringing joy and vitality to their daily routine. Pamper your feathered companions with the best in bird care!

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