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Automatic Water Exchanger

Automatic Water Exchanger

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Introducing our Automatic Water Exchanger - the ultimate tool to effortlessly maintain a pristine and healthy aquatic environment for your beloved fish friends.

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  • High-Quality ABS Plastic: Crafted from durable ABS plastic, our Automatic Water Exchanger is built to last. The sturdy construction ensures long-term reliability and performance, making it a valuable addition to your aquarium maintenance arsenal.


  • Wide Input Voltage Range: Designed to be adaptable, our water exchanger supports input voltages from AC110V to AC220V, providing versatile compatibility with different electrical systems.


  • Adjustable Length: With a flexible length ranging from 560mm to 820mm, our water exchanger caters to various aquarium sizes, making it an ideal choice for both small and large tanks.


  • Lightweight Design: Weighing merely 285 grams, this water exchanger offers ease of handling during cleaning sessions, ensuring that maintaining your aquarium remains a stress-free task.


  • Easy Installation: Our Automatic Water Exchanger features a user-friendly design, allowing for quick and effortless installation. Within minutes, you can have it set up and ready to keep your aquarium clean and debris-free.


  • Efficient Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner + Siphon: This versatile tool serves as both an aquarium vacuum cleaner and a siphon. Say goodbye to manual cleaning efforts; it effectively removes dirt and debris from the bottom of the aquarium, ensuring a spotless environment for your aquatic pets.


  • Non-Water Change Cleaning: With our water exchanger, you can maintain a pristine aquarium without the hassle of water changes. The powerful suction capability allows you to clean gravel, siphon fish manure, and remove other dirt, all while leaving the existing water undisturbed.


  • Automatic Water Change Function: Effortlessly change the water in your aquarium with just a press of the on/off button. The water exchanger pumps aquarium water through the hose, facilitating easy water changes without disturbing your fish and their habitat.


  • Convenient Multi-functionality: Use the water exchanger to clean the aquarium bottom, switch to water siphoning mode to facilitate water changes, and effortlessly empty the aquarium by connecting the hose to the water outlet.

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  • Delivery Time: 6-10 business days
  • Tracking Information available upon purchase

Invest in the cleanliness and well-being of your aquatic friends with our Automatic Water Exchanger. Simplify aquarium maintenance and ensure a healthy habitat for your fish with this efficient and reliable cleaning companion.

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