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Automatic Double Bowl

Automatic Double Bowl

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Step into the world of convenient and hassle-free pet feeding with our Automatic Double Bowl. Discover how this innovative solution transforms mealtime for your furry friends.

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  • Material: Crafted from durable and safe materials - PP, PET, and AS - ensuring longevity and pet-friendly use.

  • Easy to Use & Clean: Pre-fill the food and water compartments, and easily detach and clean the feeder for hassle-free maintenance.

  • Convenient & Reliable: The automatic dispenser ensures a consistent supply of food and water, ideal for when you're away.

  • Adjustable Portion Control: Regulate portion sizes for your pets, helping manage their diet and prevent overeating.

  • Enhance Pet Well-being: Promote regular feeding routines and hydration, contributing to your pets' overall health and well-being.


  • Shape & Type: The rounded double bowl design incoraporates a built-in water dispenser, offering a practical all-in-one solution.


  • Ships anywhere in the United Kingdom
  • Delivery Time: 4-9 business days
  • Tracking Information available upon purchase

Upgrade your pet's dining experience today with the Automatic Double Bowl, a reliable and convenient solution that ensures your furry friend is always well-fed and hydrated.

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