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Adjustable Heating Pad

Adjustable Heating Pad

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Introducing our Adjustable Heating Pad - the perfect solution to create a cosy and nurturing environment for your beloved reptile companions.

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  • Adjustable Heating Pad: Create a comfortable and nurturing environment for your reptile companions with our Adjustable Heating Pad. The pad is specially designed to provide a reliable and consistent heat source, ensuring your reptiles stay cosy and content.


  • Resistive Type: The heating pad is engineered with a resistive heating element, which efficiently converts electrical energy into heat. This design ensures even distribution of warmth across the surface, offering your reptiles a uniform and comfortable temperature.


  • USB Convenience: Our heating pad is USB powered, operating on a 5V USB working voltage, allowing easy and hassle-free charging with the included USB charging head. Connect it to any USB-compatible device like a power bank, computer, or USB adapter, providing flexibility to use it anywhere in your reptile habitat while ensuring your reptiles enjoy the warmth they need.


  • Temperature Control Switch: Take control of the warmth your reptiles receive. The heating pad features an adjustable temperature control switch, allowing you to fine-tune the heat output to meet your reptiles' specific needs. Easily set the desired temperature for a perfect environment.


  • Overload Protection: Safety is our priority. The heating pad comes equipped with overload current protection, automatically shutting off in case of excessive current flow. This feature safeguards your reptiles and the pad from potential electrical hazards.


  • Optimal Temperature: With an action temperature set at 45℃, our heating pad ensures your reptiles experience the perfect level of warmth. This optimal temperature promotes your reptiles' well-being, digestion, and overall activity.


  • Customisable: We understand that every reptile's needs may vary. That's why we offer custom processing options to tailor the heating pad to your specific requirements, ensuring the ideal heating solution for your reptile habitat.

  • Ships anywhere in the United Kingdom
  • Delivery Time: 4-9 business days
  • Tracking Information available upon purchase

Invest in the well-being of your reptile friends with our Adjustable Heating Pad. Experience peace of mind knowing your reptiles are provided with a safe, comfortable, and customised heating solution for their habitat.

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