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Ceramic Food Bowl

Ceramic Food Bowl

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Introducing our Ceramic Food Bowl - the perfect feeding accessory for your scaly friends.

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  • Made of Ceramics: This food bowl is crafted from ceramics, making it highly durable and strong, ensuring it lasts for a long time.


  • Effective Design: The smooth inner surface and inner curved wall of the bowl make it difficult for worms and other feed to escape, ensuring your reptile pets have a hassle-free feeding experience.


  • Perfect for Reptiles and Small Animals: This food bowl is designed for reptiles such as tortoises, lizards, snakes, and other small animals. It's ideal for feeding time and treats.


  • Easy to Clean: The smooth wall edge and simple design make this food bowl easy to clean and maintain, providing convenience for both you and your pets.


  • Hand-Made with Care: The right-angle model is carefully hand-made, and the wall is slightly curved, adding a touch of craftsmanship to the design.


  • Ships anywhere in the United Kingdom
  • Delivery Time: 4-9 business days
  • Tracking Information available upon purchase

Provide your scaly and small animal friends with the best feeding experience using our Ceramic Food Bowl. Order now and make feeding time a breeze!

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