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Cat Scratch Ferris Wheel

Cat Scratch Ferris Wheel

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Introducing the Cat Scratching Ferris Wheel, a fun and functional accessory that satisfies your cat's natural scratching instincts with a sturdy density board construction and rotating scratch balls.

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  • Material: Made from high-quality density board, known for its durability and stability, ensuring the scratching ferris wheel can withstand your cat's energetic play sessions and last for an extended period of time.

  • Product Category: Belonging to the cat scratch board category, this scratching ferris wheel offers a functional and engaging solution for your cat's scratching needs. It serves as a dedicated and safe space for your cat to scratch, reducing the risk of them damaging furniture or other household items.

  • Styles: Available in three different styles to cater to your cat's preferences and play preferences. Choose from the Ferris Wheel Trumpet, Ferris Wheel Medium, and Ferris Wheel Turntable styles, each offering a unique and exciting scratching experience.

  • Rotary Scratch Balls: The innovative design of the scratching ferris wheel incorporates rotating scratch balls, adding an extra level of fun and engagement for your cat during playtime. The rotating balls mimic the movement of prey, enticing your cat to scratch and play, promoting exercise and mental stimulation. 


  • Ships anywhere in the United Kingdom
  • Delivery Time: 7-12 business days
  • Tracking Information available upon purchase

Upgrade your cat's playtime with the Cat Scratching Ferris Wheel, offering both entertainment and a dedicated scratching surface to keep your furry friend engaged and content.

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